UX Researcher & Designer

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- Mobile app usability testing -
Swapjones mobile app


Buy, sell, or trade with people nearby.


- Usability testing -

Buy, sell, or trade with people nearby.

Swapjones mobile app


The creator of Swapjones mobile app wanted to explore the user’s understanding of the app’s essential functions.
project duration
40 hours
project team
Flying Solo


A contract engineer developed prototype was available for usability testing, but there was no option to make immediate iterations to the prototype.

Primary Skills Used

Heuristic Evaluation
User Interviews
Data Synthesis
Usability Testing


Swapjones is in the development phase and has yet to be put in front of any users. It’s imperative for success that Swapjones understands usability issues before its beta phase.

preparation for user testing
Determining the areas of high priority (left), usability test session (right).
preparation for user testing
Determining the areas of high priority.

user testing
Usability test session.

My Process

As the sole UX designer, I championed the vision and direction of focus, prepared for and ran in-depth usability tests, and produced valuable insights and recommendations.

analyzing usability test sessions
Playback of each test session, one screen segment at a time, to best analyze experiences.


My goal was to identify changes required to improve user’s understanding, performance and satisfaction. I did this by first conducting the usability testing, then analyzing the interactions and experiences to develop insights and recommendations for Swapjones’ usability.

Product page of final report
A page from the final report; the Product Page was 1 of 2 screens that caused users the most issues.
add item page insights
Usability test findings for the Add Item page.
offers accepted page insights
The Offers Accepted page was 1 of 2 most troublesome screens.

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