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Color Up

- Front-end Development & Web Design -
Color Up website

Color Up

an ecommerce website for flash cards that teach Texas Hold’em poker.

Color Up

- Front-end Development & Web Design -

an ecommerce website for flash cards that teach Texas Hold’em poker.

Color Up website

Primary Skills Used

Visual Design


Back in 2011 I started a side-hustle business. I was a poker player that needed to learn the math and odds behind game-time decisions. I found a gap in the market and designed poker flash cards as an educational tool to learn the basics of poker, as well as the math involved in hand odds and pot odds. I designed and brought to market Color Up poker flash cards, three 52-card flashcard decks. I sold them wholesale as well as on eBay, Amazon, and on my private domain ecommerce site, www.ColorUpCards.com using the Shopify platform.

The Color Up website underwent minor changes between 2011-2016, but as seen in the images below the design did not keep up with the changing styles and technology available for ecommerce.

pages from website
Three pages from the old website


While this small side business is not a priority in my current life, I wanted to apply my newly acquired front-end development skills to a project I could complete in full and take live.

In September, 2017 I re-designed the website using Sketch, then coded the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the re-design. In October I hired a professional skilled in Shopify’s liquid format to integrate my exact code for each webpage into Shopify in order to blend my decsign with Shopify’s ecommerce processing for sales.

Check it out for yourself: www.ColorUpCards.com

home page of new website
Home page of new website.

I'd love to get more in-depth with you about this project; please reach out.